Business Consulting

Whole Music is getting more and more calls from music business owners, musicians who want to teach, home studio owners and players who want to turn their passion for music into a career which offers solid rewards. If you would like to teach music part-time, or have a full-time music business and be your own boss, contact EJ. With his 32 years of experience owning and directing several successful music businesses, he will develop a plan specifically tailored to meet your goals.

Business consulting is available in the following areas:

  • Improving your teaching methods
  • Building a loyal client base
  • Marketing and promoting your business
  • Competitive analysis
  • Financial benefits of operating a home business
  • Planning and developing a studio space
  • Innovative ways to grow your business
  • Purchasing studio equipment
  • Acoustic design and sound proofing
  • Office operations
  • Merchandising and retail
  • Staffing your business
  • and more

Because these methods have been proven to be competitive, we only consult businesses located outside of our 40 mile radius.

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