Introducing Whole Music's instructors

Lisa Blasi

Lisa specializes in teaching beginning violin/fiddle and piano. Lisa adds to the Whole Music concept that with the right teaching and instruction method, anyone can learn a musical instrument. Lisa is kind, caring, patient and thoughtful and loves to teach. Aided with Director EJ Ouellette’s instructional videos, learning with Lisa is fast and fun. Lisa is also a teacher at Andover High School with 25 years of teaching experience and a Masters of Education. We love what Lisa brings to Whole Music!

Gary Feldman

Gary Feldman is a master teacher and musician. His caring, inspirational and enthusiastic teaching style is unsurpassed. Gary teaches students of all ages, from beginners to experienced pros. Gary studied Music Education at Berklee School of Music and has over 30 years of performance and instruction experience. Gary teaches drums, bass, guitar, banjo, piano, flute and voice. We are lucky to have Gary teaching at Whole Music Mondays through Saturdays. 

Michael Gruen

Michael Gruen is a graduate of Jeff Berlin's Academy of Bass (2 year program). Michael also attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has been a professional musician since he was 17 years old. Michael currently plays bass with EJ  & Crazy Maggy, as well as in numerous other New England bands. Michael teaches bass, double bass, guitar, piano, ukulele and theory.  He is well rounded in many different styles, from classical to jazz and rock to folk, blues, etc. Michael has over 10 years of teaching experience, and is a native of Newburyport, MA.

Amara Nguyen

Amara Nguyen was a student and developing musician under EJ Ouellette for over 10 years. She is a wonderful teacher and an experienced performer. Amara continues to play with the Whole Music Fiddle Ensemble, and makes guest appearances with EJ & Crazy Maggy. Amara specializes with beginning students on piano, fiddle, guitar and ukulele. Her gentle nature makes Amara an ideal teacher. Amara is a native of Amesbury, MA.

EJ Ouellette
Director & Teacher

EJ Ouellette is a multi-instrumentalist and professional singer/songwriter. He teaches electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, violin/fiddle, voice, drums & percussion, mandolin, banjo, dobro (steel guitar), piano/keyboards and harmonica. EJ is the creator and the Director of Whole Music's Summer Jam™ program. Other areas of EJ's expertise include instrument and music exploration for children and adults, ear training, music theory, songwriting, arrangement and composition.
EJ Ouellette also specializes in Artist Development and career consultation. His courses in technical training and services include:

  • audio engineering and production
  • production services
  • recording seminar

If you have any questions about private or semi-private lessons, workshops, group instruction or placement, please contact us on 978 462 9020 or email

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