A Passion for Performing

Performing live since he was 13, EJ Ouellette has a passion for the stage.

He has performed with Blues bands, rock bands, jam bands, acoustic music, rockabilly, country, bluegrass, swing, Americana, Celtic, Cajun, jazz, folk, reggae, big band, church ensembles and West African groups. It is this diversity that drives his love for music.

EJ has played with many professional bands including The Four Dimensions (1967), The Glass Road, The Run, Strictly Fresh, Brothers Blues Band, Woodsom Hollow, Next Stop West (1976-1978), Skyline, Rockabilly legend Sleepy LaBeef, The Maureen O'Connor Band, Barry Cowsill, The Monroe County Outlaws, Tumbleweed Junction, Rio, Gary Shane & the Detour, Beat 4, The Abashed, The Henry Welch Band, Harvest Home, Curraugh's Fancy, Patsy Whelan & Tony O'Riordan, Sundays' Well, Chuck Berry, John Denver, The John Penny Band, Diamond Press, The Cochran Brothers, John Cochran, The Rockwells, Randy Schell, The Jeanne French Band, Kip Martin & the Merles, James Cotton, Neil Thomas, Dale Bennett & the Freightliners, Malouma - Diva of the Desert, The Orville Gidding's Band, Lunch at the Dump, The Boys, The Neil Epstein Blues Band and The Bondville Boys, among others!

In 2004, EJ dedicated himself to developing and crafting his own sound: RAD/TRAD -- radical traditional music. A veteran singer-songwriter, studio producer and multi-instrumentalist, he was heavily influenced by the fiddle and guitar masters from the traditional, folk, blues, rock and jazz genres. His commitent to RAD/TRAD led to the formation of his current band, EJ Ouellette & Crazy Maggy.

EJOCM's music is showcased on the band’s first CD, Rock the Bow 5.0, released by our indie label, RAD/TRAD Records.

Throughout all his appearances and groups, EJ has performed and continues to perform as a freelance instrumentalist and as a solo performer.

EJ Ouellette is a member of the Recording Academy (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences; NARAS/Grammy’s) in 5 categories: Singer, Songwriter, Instrumentalist, Producer and Engineer.

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