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Daniel Gewertz of the Boston Herald reports:

"Fiddle and sax lead a fearless band. Ouellette exhibits a keening, propulsive edge."

String wizard and songsmith EJ Ouellette ("ou-LETTE") takes listeners on a wild ride every time he performs. Leading his band Crazy Maggy, the guitar journeyman and fiddle master demonstrates creativity and passion with original songs and fiddle-driven rock tunes. Ouellette jumps genres easily, merging rock, pop, reggae, roadhouse, jazz, Celtic and Appalachian feels throughout his work. Alongside his bandmates, Ouellette's love of the music is plainly evident.

Steve Morse of the Boston Globe writes:

"Ouellette is a fiddle master...he has pushed this group in exciting new directions. This powerful band plays with precision and passion."

EJOCM's music is showcased on the band's first CD, "Rock the Bow 5.0." Music reviewer Bruce Menin writes:

"The combination of fiddle and sax is a revelation and a dream."

EJ Ouellette on fiddle, acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin & vocals
Peter Whitehead
on drums, guitar & vocals
Michael Gruen
on bass
Jon Ross
on guitars
Steve Baker
on saxophone, percussion & vocals

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