Welcome to Whole Music's PRODUCTION

Whole Music is a full-service recording and production studio offering production and engineering services by EJ Ouellette.

EJ Ouellette, a multi-instrumental professional musician and producer, has a long-standing reputation for challenging and inspiring artists to open themselves to the myriad possibilities of their music.

EJ is a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS; the Grammy’s) in five categories: Producer, Engineer, Singer, Songwriter, and Instrumentalist. From his state-of-the-art, custom-designed digital/analog production studio in Newbury, Mass., EJ applies his three decades of experience from both sides of the glass to expertly guiding individuals and groups of all levels in making professional recordings.

EJ has recorded on many types of mediums and offers unsurpassed arranging capabilities; additionally he provides unique value as a multi-instrumental musician and experienced audio engineer. Whole Music’s production studio offers

excellent acoustics and a comfortable environment. Professional musicians and groups of all types have enjoyed their recording experience.

Whole Records is an independent label featuring developing artists produced by EJ Ouellette. RAD/TRAD Records is an independent label focusing on Roots/Contemporary development and releases.

EJ also composes and creates recordings for corporations, film, and media. EJ’s extensive resume and credentials speak for themselves. EJ has a long history of designing, building and operating music studios; his current facility is the fifth music studio that he has built.

EJ’s authentic passion for music has propelled hundreds of artists to identify and achieve personal milestones and commercial success. Artists at all stages of development remain connected to both EJ and Whole Music as a network/support system within a musical sanctuary like no other.

whole music • PO Box 189 Byfield, MA 01922 • 978-462-9020 • wholemusic@wholemusic.com