A Long History of Designing, Building and Operating Music Studios

In 1978, EJ Ouellette opened his first studio, Pro Lab Studio, in the basement of his home in Amesbury, MA. Pro Lab was a 4 track professional studio with a focus on recording bands, songwriters and jingle production. Business grew rapidly and Ouellette had to move to a more accommodating environment. At the time, he also taught guitar and bass at Amesbury Music.


Fiddle is a familiar sight at Whole Music. EJ is Fiddle's beloved pet.

In 1980, Ouellette built South Hampton Sound in South Hampton, NH. This studio was operated in a barn on a farm that was rented. Business operations commenced in1980 and continued to 1983.

By 1983, Ouellette had grown out of South Hampton Sound and built Adlab Studios on Salisbury Beach in Salisbury, MA. At that time, his focus was on jingle and commercial production, corporate clients and surfing.

Though it was a commercial studio by day, many artist recordings were produced at Adlab Studios at night. Adlab operated for 10 years, until 1993. The studio also continued to offer high-end music instruction to the community.

Ouellette designed and built Pine Island Music Studio in 1993 on property purchased on Pine Island Road in Newbury. The Pine Island Music Studio supported more recordings, more instruction and development, and more business. Due to the growth, Ouellette decided to move and build a larger more acoustically-designed studio with more rooms.


In 1998, Ouellette opened Pine Island Music in Byfield, MA. This studio is a beautifully designed music environment carrying on EJ’s vision of high-end recording and production and innovative music instruction, classes, workshops and artist development. Pine Island Music has been operating consistently since 1998, serving professional musicians, corporate clients and students.

In 2001, EJ was contracted to design, build and install a state-of-the-art digital recording studio in the West African country, Mauritania. EJ spent 3 months in the capital, Nouikchott, leading the effort. The studio, Desert Sound, was the first of its kind in the country.

In early 2010, Pine Island Music was re-named EJ Ouellette’s Whole Music to bring together the numerous lines of business -- production, recording, instruction and consulting -- under one umbrella. Whole Music continues to serve the same professional musicians, corporate clients and students with high quality recording, production and music instruction.

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